Why Buy a New Home?

Reasons home buyers prefer new houses

  • Highest Standards

    The highest standards of property construction apply to new houses. This means you get the latest advancements in energy efficiency, sustainability and workmanship.

  • Availability of incentives

    There are numerous financial incentives to buy a new house, for example, the government-backed, Help to Buy and Shared Ownership schemes. In addition, housebuilders often give incentives such as part exchange deals.

  • Guarantees on quality

    New houses often come with a ten-year guarantee of quality. This new home warranty ensures any correctional work needed on new homes in that time is not paid for by you.

  • Brand new is special

    A new house is special, one you can truly call your own. Being a blank canvas, a new home can be better personalised to your own individual requirements.


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    With our company dedicated solely to new builds, only new homes are listed. It means there is no better place to look for a new house than here.

  • Information Hub

    From finding a new house to the process of buying new homes, we provide everything you need to know. We also have all the latest news, information and features on new homes.

  • Comprehensive choice

    We list a vast range of properties, from national housebuilders and niche regional developers. Our website allows you to find every type of newly built property across the UK in a quick and easy way.

  • A new build industry leader

    No other company comes close to having our knowledge and expertise in the new build industry. We’re widely regarded as the number one new homes brand.